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Winston Smith "How About A Little Bang?" Print (1984)


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Winston Smith "How About A Little Bang?" Print (1984)

Dimensions: 11" x 14"

Printed on Matte Stock
Hand Signed & Numbered

Featured in “Act Like Nothing's Wrong: The Montage Art of Winston Smith Volume One” (Last Gasp)

"Some people think we're all stupid. They view the American public as children whose wishes and desires can be manipulated with ease. To them, we're not people, or citizens. We're consumers, always ready to fork over cash for the latest brand of snake oil. They think that if they hire some celebrity or pretty face to tell us what we want, we'll want what we're told. They think that if they tell us their junk will make us attractive to the opposite sex, we'll buy the junk. They think they can make us buy anything they decide to sell - whether we need it or not - even if it's poison.

And Baby, they're right. They do it every day." - Regarding Nuclear Power: From Fallout #2