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Stealworks "Blueprint: Germs" Art Print (2020)


Stealworks "Blueprint: Germs" Art Print (2020)

From a tribute collection of reimagined classic punk logos.
Note: Actual print is true to form to deep blue & sharp off white of the first image.

Dimensions: 12" x 12"
Printed on Velvet Fine Art Paper 100#
Available Framed in LP Record Frame (US orders only)

During their brief history, the Germs went through a whopping nine drummers. Dan Bolles, however, was by far the longest-tenured, and he also designed the band’s simple logo: a blue circle on a black backdrop, said by some to represent a cigarette burn that vocalist Darby Crash called “the Germs burn,” inflicted on the skin of a fan or a member of the band. (source)

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