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Razorblades & Aspirin Issue #13


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Razorblades & Aspirin Issue #13

Dimensions: 8.5 X 11
Full Color • 80 pages

Content (written by M. Thorn):

Here we go - issue thirteen! Let's start off with an interview with filmmaker Otto Buj (conducted by Dan O'Mahoney) on his recent Detroit Hardcore documentary Dope, Hookers & Pavement. I've previously unseen images of Midwest legends Negative Approach, Necros, L-Seven, and more to accompany this one! Next up a chat with producer & Rough Francis drummer, Urian Hackney, about growing up not knowing his father was in Death, & the weirdness of having a bandmate storm the capital. Plus I sit down with Swedish ragers EXIL, Mass-holes RESTRAINING ORDER, Seattle punks FILTH IS ETERNAL and SoCal rippers ZULU.


How about a chat with documentarian John Rash about setting up the Southern Punk Archive, conversations with the brilliant minds behind the record labels Extinction Burst & Convulse, and lest I forget discussions with photographers Senny Mau, Erik Phillips, & R. Ramos!

EXCITING YEAH!? BUT WAIT!! ONE MORE THING... a lengthy interview with the legendary JERRY A of POISON IDEA. I'm beyond honored to do be able to speak with him about his journey through the underground, rock-n-roll, romantic self destruction and much more!