DNGRCT "Merican Nightmare: Three Inverted Nines" (2019)

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Original painting, collage, stencil, spray paint on 16" x 20" on canvas

Dimensions: 16" X 20"
Medium: Stencil, Spray Paint, Collage on Canvas

Craig Vincent aka DNGRCT is an Oakland-based multimedia DIY punk, street artist & designer. He is also the creator and co-founder of Destroy Art Inc & a direct descendant of Victoria Woodhull.

A truly multi-faceted artist, Craig has an inclination towards political, societal and personal empowerment narratives illustrated through thought-provoking, explosively energetic punk rock aesthetics on collage, canvas, paper, film, sculpture, graphic design, writing, installation, street art and music. He has been active in the punk scene since the early 90's running a punk record label and was a vocalist in several NJ punk bands such as The Degenerics, Kamikaze and Plastic Cross.

He has worked on public art projects with the San Francisco Aquarium & has exhibited all around the USA. His work has been featured in Murze (UK), Beautiful Bizarre (Australia) & multiple record covers on labels such as Fat Wreck, Don Giovanni, Soul Rebel & Beer City Records.


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