Soma Snakeoil "Accelerated Christian Education" (2018)

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Soma Snakeoil "Accelerated Christian Education" (2018) Original Artwork

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas
Dimensions: Please Inquire

Soma Snakeoil is an artist, activist, Dominatrix & playwright. During her earlier career as a fetish model & adult film actor, she created hundreds of titles - including her own, Rubber Bordello, Feminist Porn Award & multiple AVN-award-winning, which she wrote, directed & produced.

After collaborating with Fat Mike of NOFX on the musical ‘Home Street Home’, she was moved to spearhead The Sidewalk Project - a social activist arts & public health organization that works directly on the street with houseless communities, with a concerted effort towards supporting sex workers & syringe exchange for people who use drugs. 

Soma’s passion for the houseless community comes from lived experience as a long term former drug user, being unhoused, & almost 18 years of sex work, including survival sex.

She believes in the importance of intersectional activism with a personal interest in racial justice, decriminalization of sex work & drug use, empowerment of the unhoused community, women, the LGBTQ community, & confronting stigma. 

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