Beto Janz "Broken Deck Skull #2" (2018)

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Beto Janz "Broken Deck Skull #2" (2018)

Original artwork of broken skate deck, signed by the Artist

As seen in his feature on CBC, these two skate deck pieces were made in 2018 while filming the short documentary.

Watch the video to see how Beto breathes creation into destruction!!!

Original year of the project: 2010
Year of this reissue: 2018 (Toronto/Canada)
Find out more about this piece here.

Beto Janz is a Brazilian multimedia artist & designer based in Toronto. Inspired by punk rock, horror, rock’n’roll and skateboard movements, his work brings the energy and attitude of these cultures. From carving wood to typography design and graphic arts, his mindset is to go for it and DIY.