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September 24, 2022 - Los Angeles, CA

Performing Bands: Funeral Dress (Belgium) The Erections (Tokyo Japan) The Virus - Lower Class Brats - The Devotchkas - Cheap Sex - Monster Squad - Final Conflict - Defiance - Corrupted Youth - Who Kill Spikey Jacket? - Dead City - The Runts - Wacko - Self Sabotage - HoleHog - Mazerot + More.



Currently on exhibit in MEDIUM ART GALLERY, Ukiah California are works by Winston Smith, DNGRCT, Beto Janz, Kevin None, and many more excellent collage artists. Exhibition open until March 20, 2022.
Curated by Lori Herbst, the group exhibition "Folie a Deux" features art by Winston Smith, Kristen Grundy, Usual Dosage Inc, Chris Shary, and many, many more artists depicting their ideas of love gone wrong. Exhibition begins February 13 and ends March 6, 2022 at SUGARMYNT Gallery, South Pasadena.