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Steven Johnson Leyba

Steven Johnson Leyba (born September 3, 1966) is an American artist, painter, fine art book maker, author, spoken word performance artist, and musician. Leyba is of Mescalero Apache, Navajo, Cherokee, Paiute, Menominee, Jewish ancestry. He has been called the father of “Sexpressionism” by art critic Carlo McCormick.
His work has been criticized for reclamation and use of the swastika symbol and sexual imagery for the purposes of public discourse.
In 1992 he was made a Reverend in the Church of Satan by Anton LaVey. In 2007 started the first church of art the Coyotel Church "first church of creative application."
Leyba’s mixed media paintings utilize photographic collage, acrylic paint, oil paint, beadwork, as well as human blood. Leyba’s work attempts to 'liberate' human sexuality from commercialism. Using recontextualized images of human genitalia he emphasizes aesthetic notions of beauty and the politics of sexuality.
His hand-made fine art books which can weigh up to seventy pounds consist of bound pages of paintings on canvas. His public performances consist of spoken word rants, cutting, piercing and extreme acts of degradation and sadomasochism. He has released three albums of spoken word and music as U.S.A.F. Two on Adversary Records: The Rev. Steven Johnson Leyba Presents: The United Satanic Apache Front, and Fuck Your Freedom. Third USAF album Code Hex AILMENTarius an anti Monsanto anti GMO album.
Leyba is inspired by his ancestry Native American motifs such as the swastika, Apache Gahn Dancers, images of Native American warriors such as Geronimo, as well as the landscape of the human body.


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