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Punk Majesty

Punk Majesty is a Rock n Roll clothing brand founded by Alisha Amnesia. When you buy Punk Majesty, you are supporting an Independent Artist and a Small Female-Owned Business. PM is designed for all genders, sizes, races and sexual orientations. As the child of a gay dad who was her biggest inspiration, Alisha has grown up in the LGBTQ+ community, whose causes are important to her.

After a lifetime of customizing her own clothes as a DIY Punk, she founded Punk Majesty when doctors told her she had to stop talking due to vocal problems. She was forced to take almost a year off work, after a decade of working in live music events. Determined to make the most of her time while unable to speak, and determined to stay positive, Punk Majesty was launched.

Punk Majesty has been worn by Jane Wiedlin of The Go Go'sCaptain Sensible of The Damned, vocalist Jake Hout of The Dead Boys, and guitarist Neal X of Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Marc Almond's band. The line is currently being carried at FAB London in London's Camden Market; Ceiba SF, and Fallout SF Gallery in San Francisco. PM was the top-selling independent designer carried in NYC's premier Rock n Roll Boutique I NEED MORE according to Owner, friend and mentor, Jimmy Webb who passed away in 2020. Punk Majesty is looking for a new home for the line in NYC. Jimmy told her, "New York City Loves Punk Majesty!"

The self-appointed Queen of DIY, Alisha is the designer, art director, photographer, webmaster, does all promotion and social media, e-commerce, shipping, research, sourcing, ordering, accounting, inventory tracking, model scouting, booking models, events, photo shoots, styling, event production and more. (In 2020, she even had to be her own model!) 

Punk Majesty jackets, vests and gloves are customized with punk-inspired details such as chain mail, locks, chains, studs, spikes, kilt pins, safety pins, leather, etc. and all painting and embellishing is done by hand.


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