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Still Hear "Last of Them" (2021)


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Still Hear "Last of Them" (2021)

Title: "Last of Them"
Medium: Mixed Media (Drawing, Collage)
Size: 9" x 12"

Born and raised in Massachusetts, but currently living in the Bay Area, Still Hear discovered punk around 11-years-old. It became the soundtrack of his life - an escape from, and a critique of, the suburban world he lives in, but never really belonged. Along with the music, he became obsessed with the visual medium of punk – album art, old show flyers, and ‘zines. 

Two years ago during a cold Boston winter, he soon realized a visual medium was a cathartic and powerful way for him to express what he suppresses – depression, anxiety, suicidality, obsessive-compulsiveness —in ways that are at times honest, as well as humorous, witty or absurd. He doesn’t have any training, and uses whatever gets the job done – water color, acrylic paint and markers, charcoal, collage, Xerox machine, and especially his own words. Every piece he makes has his own writing.

Still Hear is also a harm reductionist and super volunteer in important West Oakland public welfare initiatives.

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