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Matthew Kadi "Emiyah Protesting Injustice" Photo Print


Matthew Kadi "Emiyah Protesting Injustice" Photo Print

Dimensions: 11" x 17"
Printed on 100# Matte Stock

2 versions available: No Border (Full Bleed) or with 1/2” Border
Handsigned & Numbered by Artist
Print created with permission from Emiyah's Mother.

100% of proceeds from sales of this print goes to: Anti-Police Terror Project, Sacramento

We encourage you to also donate to this organization directly and learn about their missions.

On June 2, Emiyah and her mother drove through downtown Sacramento protesting the injustice in our system. Emiyah kept her fist up in solidarity with all that dedication in her eyes, only lowering her arm for the occasional fist bump to many of the protestors walking alongside the caravan of vehicles.